Principles of Acceptance

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Hey Nikonos Project-ers!  I'm the wife behind all of this photo madness (you know... the one who played it cool when her husband decided to starting cooking up photos in the kitchen/closet years ago and eventually converted half the garage into a dark room)!  You don't see or hear from me much since I'm really just a sidekick (who ironically doesn't like to have her picture taken), but mostly because I'm massively busy with a job and finishing up a degree in social work.

This post started out as an idea for a capstone project for one of my classes this semester, but has morphed into something I want to integrate here with the Nikonos Project!  Its a rough start, but I hope that in the coming months (especially after I graduate this summer) that details will come together.

So what is this?  Its a little photo-based sub project honoring people and their diversity. In the social work field we collaborate and help so many different types of people and families, with many different values, who are dealing with such a variety of life struggles.  I want this realm of the Nikonos Project to become a more creative outlet or depiction of this.  And I'd love for you all to take part!  To start, I wanted to throw out some tid bits of information, thoughts, and quotes (that hit home for me as I was reading the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio this semester) honoring those who live their daily lives with disabilities.

So join us on social media to participate!  Watch for Instagram and Facebook posts where we'll tell you what the theme of the next blog will be and then grab your nikonos to start shooting!  Send us your photos related to the theme via social media or email, tell us about them and we'll include them in our posts here.  And don't forget to post them on your own social media accounts tagging @nikonosprjoect and using the hashtag #nikonosdiversityproject

I'll leave you with this thought...

"In every person's story there are unknowns-struggles only they know about, fears they've tried to overcome but still harbor, disappointments & sorrows they bear. The last thing any of us wants-or needs-is to be judged by others who don't know our stories, in part or at all."

-Jane Clayson Johnson