C-41 Thoughts...

C-41 Thoughts...

First things first my disclaimer, I have no real knowledge of what i'm about to present other than a few hours in the tub.  If something here isn't correct please let me know so all of us can learn together


This guide is much more inclusive check it out


Mix the chemicals as directed on the instructions.  Mix at approx. 105-110 degrees.  To develop c-41 Chemicals need to be at 102 Degrees 


Once the Developer is at 102 degrees you pour into your loaded film tank for 3.30 minutes.  My routine is five rotations per minute while developing.  Rotate five times then put the tank back in the bathwater.  Each minute rotate and then put back in the hot bath. 


At 3.20 minutes start pouring the developer back into the container (yes you can re-use the chemicals) 

Pour the blix solution into the tank, rotate 5 times and pace in the hot water.   Film sits in the Blix solution for 6.30 minutes.  Turn the tank 5 times per minute. 


At 6.20 start poring the Blix back into its container.  

Rinse the film in hot 102 degree water for 3 minutes. Film can be exposed to light at this point. 

After rinsing, pour Stabilizer into the tank and let sit for 1 minute.    Pour Stabilizer back into the container.

Rinse more, I use Ilford Wash Aid,  and then Illfotol Wetting Agent prior to hanging the developed film to dry


Developer can be used to develop approx. 12-15 rolls.  Different sites recommend different things but i've found increasing that i need to increase the Dev time by 10 seconds each roll. 

It's a matter of practice & experimentation nothing more... 

Nikonos Project  ©brandon jennings

Nikonos Project ©brandon jennings

and here.... the finished product.  

THE Nikonos Buyers Guide

Nikonos V top view