Quick Summary of Nikonos.

When you are using, handling, & shooting with the nikonos camera you have to remember that while they are built like tanks they are possibly 40 years old.  Each model is unique but they all have two big rules. 

1- Don't let you Nikonos dry after being in the Ocean 

2- If things aren't moving smoothly DO NOT FORCE IT


Nikonos (The Original)

This baby is old but so simple it's amazing.  Completely submersible inside and out.

To open this camera first thing you need to do is Twist the lens in a circle until the aperture & focus knobs are vertical.  Then pull out to separate it from the body.  after removing the lens, use the camera strap joints to pry the camera out of the base.  (Photos to be added shortly)   Film is inserted upside down (or what i call upside down) then feed the film IN FRONT of the metal backstop and feed into the receiving end.  Wind and shoot a couple times to feed the film through.  (Potential to get awesome First Shots here so don't crank too much..)  Once the film is feeding reverse the process and re-assemble the camera.   There is a exposure count on the base of the camera (this is the first thing to break so don't rely on its count)  You will know when you have shot through the roll when the film advance lever has tension against it.   Lift the knob on the left and twist and twist and twist some more then repeat.  Its as easy as that.. 


Nikonos II

Currently there aren't any of this model in the Nikonos Project fleet.  I own one that is My baby.  Sorry not loaning her out.  

This camera is essentially the same as the Original but with a "R" on the shutter speed dial  use this setting when winding the film back into the canister.  


Nikonos III

Same concept as the original with a re-designed body.   Film Count is on top of the camera now and is accurate.   Please turn the Knob to "R" prior to rewinding film.  

Always remember to take the lens off prior to popping the camera out of the housing.  This model employs plastic and it will break.  


Nikonos IV-A

The IV-a was Nikons first attempt at an built in light meter & auto exposure shutter.  It's gears are weak and prone to salt build up.  

With this camera you Pop open the back by turning the tab on the left side and pop open the back,  Feed the film as you would a regular camera.  Set the ISO on the Top Left Knob. ( I recommend ISO 400 but we'll cover that in day 3) Turn the camera to "A" and shoot away.    IF and WHEN the film advance lever feels stuck.. DO not Force it..  it will break.   (I have a number of IV-a's but don't think will ever ship them with the Nikonos Project they are too sensitive and prone to break) 


Nikonos V

Nikonos V is the most up to date and widely used version of the Nikonos. 

To open her up you turn the knob on the left side of the body and twist popping the back open.. feed the film under the pressure plate and feed into the slots on the winding spool,  Be certain to have the gears line up with the film up with the film so that it feeds properly.   Set the ISO to the proper setting and then proceed to expose your shot as you feel.    Film return still requires the shutter speed knob be turned to "R"

Nikonos V top view