It is a project organized by the photographer artinwreck, by  It’s Only Water  an artistic platform created by the also photographer, Cokoif and by OHZ gallery created by the illustrator dudelsea.

A project with which they want to pay tribute to Nikonos cameras, designed especially for underwater photography by Jacques Cousteau and engineer Jean de Wouters.

They have included  works of different contemporary photographers who have been using these special analog cameras, which have been gone hand in hand in the world of classic surfing and its culture.

The first show of this project will take place during Quasimoto Surf’s Up Invitational on 11, 12 and 13 October in Burriana, Castellón, Spain.


Quasimoto Surf’s Up Invitational is a Retro Surf Culture reunion placed in Burriana, a city on the east coast in the Mediterranean Sea.

The festival is a perfect match between all the loggers retro surf culture lovers of 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s. Also lovers of all the revival of what was called in the 90’s, Longboard Traditional or Classic Style on old and heavy boards with single fins, and up to the powerful New Old School of our days, called the Logging Generation.

Every year the festival hosts a collective exhibition that celebrates the culture of surfing, in which different photographers, illustrators and artists from all over the world have participated.

It has shown works of many different disciplines, from painting to photography, through drawing or lettering.

The exhibition always has a special place within the wooded area where the festival is held outside the water.

This year artinwreck, regular curator of the Quasimoto exhibition has joined forces with It’s Only Water and OHZ to organize together this project that can be seen during the festival and later in different Spanish and European cities.

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Pay what you want print SALE

Pay what you want print SALE

FUJI HD-R 38mm f/2.8 REVIEW

FUJI HD-R 38mm f/2.8 REVIEW