Nick Cupelli | Nikonos V | 10.7.2016

Images and Words by Nick Cupelli

I had travelled to Costa Rica two previous times before this trip; not having a Nikonos either time, and never having been to Avellanas before. As it turns out, the combination of the two made the trip the most memorable yet.

We were trying to find somewhere we hadn't heard of before and during some pre-trip research on hostels I stumbled upon a fellow Canadian who owned one just outside of Tamarindo, in a place called, Avellanas. After reading that name for the first time it seemed to pop up more and more as we got closer to our trip, and by then it was a sure shot we were going. The waves looked rad but I was sold on the fact that it was a tiny, quiet looking place, versus the tragically Americanized Tamarindo just 20 minutes away.

After meeting the owner, Dan, and surfing there for a few days we realized we had found our spot. Travelling from beach to beach and town to town is all good and you can see, and learn, a lot that way. But, sometimes you find a place that makes you want to slow down and take a few deep breaths of fresh air. We were supposed to be there a week. Nearly our entire trip was spent there.


The river mouth in Avellanas was one of the most fun spots I’ve ever surfed. And being still quite new to surfing it helped me progress and have fun on some quality waves, while still scaring the shit out of me and kicking my ass all at the same time. Dawn patrol saw the best. Clean and consistent and most with some decent size. Going from the hammocks at Casa Surf to surfing the river mouth is a routine I could rehearse for a lifetime.

Having the Nikonos on these trips is truly a privilege. You really have to think about each frame you shoot- waiting for what you think is the best moment. As quickly as you release the shutter you’ve forgotten the shots moving onto the next ones. You get home and get to relive those moments briefly, seeing the negatives. It beats shooting a million photos a second any day. I’m lucky to have met the amazing people that came through Casa Surf during our stay there and it was good fun shooting photos with them; I even met up with a friend I had surfed with in Portugal, half a year earlier. He was in my first set of Nikonos photos, previously on the blog.


Feels good spending time with people on the same wavelength.