Miguel Constantino | Off the Grid in Portugal

I've been exchanging emails with Miguel Constantino for the last few weeks,  His images & lifestyle inspire me.  Instagram?  Whats that?  I shoot film I don't need any of that stuff.  

Take a scroll & tell Miquel what you think in the comments.   He tells me he has a few more rolls to share! 

What got you started with the Nikonos?
I was looking for a way to shoot photos in the water, with film.  I found out that Jacques-Yves Cousteau designed a camera that was so good that at some point Nikon decided to produce it. 
So i knew it was the one!
I found my first Nikonos on Ebay. The camera was looking like new and probably never been wet. My first try in the sea was a big fail: after a few minutes, the lens was full of water, and the battery exploded. The camera was taking water from everywhere, it just died before i could take any picture! (the 4 o-ring joints that you can change yourself were good, but i later discovered that there's other ones who need to be serviced by Nikon or someone who knows...)

After this bad experience it took me a while to find a place who was selling a well-serviced and tested Nikonos, but i finally found it at a great price with the guys from Narcosis101. And this camera is still perfectly working since nearly two years.

Only film correct?   What other cameras do you shoot?
Yes, i only shoot film. 
For me - and it's a very personal opinion - digital cameras don't work, 
they are ugly, the results are ugly, digital prints are ugly. i don't see the point of using them. 
I like to shoot film, process it myself, and make the prints in my darkroom.

Other than the Nikonos - who also works great out of the water - i'm currently using a Yashica T5, a Yashica Electro 35 G, a Canonet QL17, and a Mamiya Press.

Do you think its hard to live an analog life in a digital world?
It may be a bit more complicated, but not hard: thanks to the digital world, it's easy nowadays to get infos, and order stuff from pretty much anywhere. The problem is you can get overwhelmed by all the different opinions you can read online, and get scared of trying. But once you understood the analog process, it's pretty easy.  I really enjoy the process, and to experiment with it. 
Also, to get the results i want, it's the only way! 

For sure you have to be more patient, and well organised, but I probably get a high-quality print out of my enlarger, while some are still struggling to edit a thousand pictures in photoshop.

But i wish to live at a time where cameras and cars were looking good, and Kodachrome films would still be available!

What motivates you to continue shooting?
my fridge full of rolls! And the mistakes i've made on the last ones!
Shooting surf in the water is not that easy, especially in term of composition. it needs a lot of trials and errors, and hours of swimming before to get (what i consider) a good picture.
i have a lot of ideas and new angles i want to try, so i make a lot of tests, to be ready when the conditions are optimal!

Where would be your dream location to shoot?
i don't really have a dream location. I don't feel like being a "surf photographer", i just shoot my friends and what look nice to me, like i would do with any other camera.
i probably got my best photos with the Nikonos in "far from perfect" waves, with no one out but just a few friends trying to have some fun.
Also if waves are perfect, i probably want to surf instead of taking pictures! :-)

Handplane Hoedown, San Clemente St Park Beach | 6.13.2015

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