Nikonos Project, Print Shop

Hey Friends, As most of you know or should know... The Nikonos Project has grown insanely fast, who knew all of you would be so into old boring water cameras.   From day one this project has been for fun and to enlighten & teach each of us something about our self's & photography.    I have lots of get rich quick schemes up my sleeves but the Nikonos Project is never going to be one of those.   

Shipping, maintaining, and growing a fleet of cameras is a time consuming & expensive task.  We receive donations both Money and Cameras from many people for which I am so very grateful.  

Tonight I've launched a Print Shop, where you will find a handful of my recent images.  Each of these images has been hand printed & toned by me in my garage, as they are hand made images they may vary slightly from the posted scanned image. 

Any images sold in the Nikonos Project Print Shop will directly fund growth and maintaining of the project. 

2015 will be an awesome year for Film, 2015 will be an awesome year for all of us. 

Saltairian goes to Costa Rica

Nikonos III, 80MM, 24 shots