Saltairian goes to Costa Rica

     Brigid Lally (known as @saltairian on Instagram) spent her high school years “basically living in the dark room” but lost touch with her film side for a few years. Not to worry, Nikonos Project set her up with a nifty camera and if you’ve seen her Instagram in the past year, I think she puts it to good use.
    Fortunately, Lally’s camera survived her two-week excursion to Nosara (one of the most beautiful places I’ve googled).  Rumor has it she is the first to bring a camera back from Costa Rica in the history of the Nikonos Project.  
    Since she was 16, Lally had has the opportunity to visit the small town of Nosara during the holidays with her sister, brother and mom.  It’s become sort of an annual trip for the Lally family if their home there hasn’t been rented.
    If the freshly caught and cooked food isn’t enough to lure her back, it has to be her captivating sunrise routine. One of Lally’s favorite parts of the trip is waking up before everyone else and, “ hiking to a nearby surf break with [her] camera and fins to be the first one in the water.” Another favorite is shooting without a wetsuit and fitting in surf sessions of her own.
    Luckily, Lally says there were, “no stitches, ear infections, shark or crocodile sightings.” Airport security didn’t even give her too much trouble about her film.
Between her Nikon FM2 and Nikonos V, Lally shot 15 rolls of film on her two-week trip averaging about one roll a day.  While in New York for many hours before her flight home she got all her c-41 developed in about 8 hours. Lally has been waiting for her slide film for about two weeks now and I have been sitting in Algebra II refreshing Instagram and checking her blog waiting for her to post.

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