#FINDanikonos contest

The 1300+ entries have been reviewed and judged by our panel of 9 Nikonos shooters and the winner has been selected  

We asked Alice to tell us a bit about this awesome shot and here is what she had to say: 

This photo was taken with a CANON AV1, 50mm, and a film FUJICOLOR SUPERIA 200. It was taken in Capbreton, a little town close to Hossegor in the southwest of France. It was a day so hot, you just want to go on the water. We met at the beach after work with 4 of my friends and we looked at the ocean, praying for waves. But this day there was nothing ! Nobody except swimmers were on the water. But we saw a wave, ridiculously small, but still ! We took our boards, determined to spend good time all together and to have fun.  Then i had an idea, i ran out of the water, come back with my camera… i wanted to fix on paper this time i would easily call happiness.
I tried to get as close as i can to my friends, took few pictures , trying to don't drop my canon in the ocean, and then i ask the guys to throw their surfboards as high as they can. They did ! I took only one picture, and here it comes… I think it was like celebrating the moment, the ocean… even if there is one tiny wave, you just need to be with your good friends, and you can play, having fun in the ocean and feeling the happiness fill your soul. 

We are super stoked to see Nikonos images coming from Alice in the near future,  Check out all of her film work at http://alicevedrine.tumblr.com and on Instagram

Victoria Smith | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Nikonos III

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