Jockum Klenell | 5.28.2014

Recently I've had the pleasure to exchange a handful of emails & countless images from a dedicated group of surfers in Belgium.  Chasing waves and a lifestyle like all of us, they consider themselves lucky: 'Since most of the year here is grey and dull and our surf is very wind related, we do spend a major amount of time in bad weather surf. It has its charm and its equally disappointing as it can be golden.'  Jockum,  a full time photographer residing in Belgium, shoots with a Nikonos V.  Film is his medium choice because it requires you to make every shot count.  

Languages might be different but surf in Belgium revolves around the same things as probably anywhere 'swells have to travel far and over shallow sandbanks, so tides, winds, swell and of course girlfriends all have their say in whether its on or not'  

Nikonos Project  ©Jockum Klenell  |   Domburg, the Netherlands

I've promised Jockum & the other European surf guys that soon I will be over there surfing their cold waves..  

Take a peek at Jockum's stellar work & give him a follow on Instagram. 

Brandon Jennings 6.7.2014

Brandon Jennings 6.7.2014

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