Anthony Gervais | 1.7.2014


There’s something about film that’s magical. Taking pictures is something very personal for me. Every picture is a glimpse of just one moment in a string of events that happened to me, and when my film comes back I get to relive all those moments leading up to that one instant. When I’m traveling, my exposed film becomes like gold. I keep a closer watch on my film than my passport, I can replace that, but not those images.

When I look at these pictures I think about sitting for five hours on a plane next to a drunk snoring Russian, layovers in foreign airports, cramped chicken buses down dirt roads, walking to a small fishing village, using hand gestures to get a boat ride to a remote break, seeing that first set roll through, and surfing as the sun drops toward the horizon. These images are a record of good times with my best friends, and get me stoked to get out and adventure more.

Anthony say's he's not a story teller, but I don't think any one could have put the emotions he conveyed into words any better than he just did.  Check his work out on Tumblr @ and on Instagram

Brandon Jennings 1.8.2014 80mm Test shots

Brooks Sterling | 1.6.2014