Ally Takeuchi | 1.5.2014 | first shots

Ally is our first Nikonos IV-a shooter,  being a Art Dealer & Curator and owner of Swoon Gallery I'm super excited to have her as part of the project.   

Nikonos IV-a |  ©Ally Takeuchi 

Nikonos IV-a | ©Ally Takeuchi 

Nikonos IV-a | ©Ally Takeuchi 

Ally had to open her camera in a dark closet and hand wind the film and is still excited to get out and experiment with a few more rolls.    Ally's experience has reminded me that film is different that digital.  With my digital camera I shoot into the sun with no second thoughts.  With film, we get different and often times unexpected results.  

Nikonos IV-a | ©Ally Takeuchi 

John Hook | 28mm UW

Alex Swanson | 1.1.2014