Phyllis Meredith 12.20.2013

I love to photograph using film, and this summer I bought a Nikonos on Ebay to take to the beach and to the pool with my children.  I had gotten interested in underwater and water photography, I do also shoot digital, so at first I looked into getting housing for my DSLR.  But my true love has always been film photography.   I also shoot with my grandfather’s old Nikon F2 film camera.  There is just something so amazing in the detail and the quality and the true magic in shooting with film.  There is a definite unknown and some chance when shooting with film, and I know that can seem scary when you add in the element of photographing children.  But with a little patience and practice, using your Nikonos camera in and around pools and rivers and oceans and lakes with children can very rewarding and exciting! 

First of all, when shooting with your Nikonos there is a limit in how many shots you actually have, and so that in itself is freeing while out and about with kids!  Also to shoot film in or under the water, you have to get in the water and play with the children!  This is really fun!  Children love to play in the water and kids especially  love to jump into the pool knowing you will be underwater, waiting for that huge splash  when they jump in, waiting and  ready to take their photo with all the glory and  bubbles and funny holding-breath underwater faces.  It is really fun! 

 Then there is the amazing quality of the unknown.  You can take all the light readings you want, and get the approximate correct spacing between you and your subject, but once underwater, you just never REALLY know what is happening  that moment when  you push the shutter button and advance the film.  You can’t tell for absolute certain what face they were making or what exact framing you had.  And for that reason getting your scans back days, or week, or even months later is so so very exciting.  I have been known to gasp and squeal with delight when I get a roll back with great photos of the kids!  I love all of that, but I also just LOVE the detail in the crashing waves and the rippling water, the amazing reflections, the beautiful bubbles and the true grain that you can capture with a Nikonos film camera.  I love to combine film photography with children and water, it really is magical!  I would encourage anyone to give it a try!  Go on out and shoot film with your kids in water!

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John Hook 12.23.2014

Erik Oseto | Nikonos II