Who are we and what is the Nikonos Project is a common question.  To make it simple, we loan cameras.   Between the years 1963-2001 Nikon manufactured a fully submersible 35 mm camera.    We have adopted this camera and attempted to bring a new look and feel to water action photography. 

It doesn't take much asking at any of the worlds surf breaks and you'll find someone who is part or has taken part of the Nikonos Project.   We choose to not focus on the best and big names of photography but instead in the fun and adventure to shoot.  Our project may never have a global audience,  and I'm okay with that..  What matters is is that we learn and grow and appreciate what we have.  

We have a large 'wait list' of of people who want to participate, share and shoot film. At the rate we are going some of these people will be waiting for years… But i'm positive we'll still be here shooting and sharing in whatever means are available. The emails I have gotten from all of the prospective participants have been amazing. People are amazing, its humbling to see and read peoples desire to participate.

For questions or to join the fun just get in touch.

Keep us shipping & Fixing Cameras, Donations welcome.

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Nikonos I | Illford Delta 100 |  © brandon jennings

Nikonos I | Illford Delta 100 | © brandon jennings